Corona Music Festival


The first Corona Music Festival

On Saturday 11.4.20
11:00 – 23:00 Israel time

Music music and again music

We are excited to tell you about the first International Corona Music Festival, that will guided by top of the Israelis guides, DJ's and movement workshops in who will speak in English to connect and all the hearts on earth during these Corona days

The whole idea was born just five days before the event began and I work around the clock With loads of tasks to make this whole thing worthwhile 
Please visit the site from time to time and I will update from time to time

Festival schedule

Hello good people,
I hope you're all right, as much as you can say.
Quite simply, this whole situation forced upon us and assembled facilitators and DJs to create the first international music festival un Zoom and I call it Corona Music.

The festival itself will be held on Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm and we expect thousands of people to attend and take part.
The list of guidelines is long.
We will incorporate DJ play according to the pace of the conversation as we progress and incorporate leading instructors in various movement styles such as Contact, Ecstatic Dance, Rio Aviarto, Heartbeats and more.
We will constantly update the list because the moderator panel is not closed yet.
Then you will occasionally come in to follow.
It is important that you write that you participate, even if it is not safe.
We do not limit the number of participants, you do not take anyone's place.

This is the link, no password is needed: